Main business sectors:

  • Production of metal structures: manufacturing of steel structures, steel pole, cylindrical antenna telecommunications, steel rolling and dragging;
  • Mechanical processing, handling and metal coating (hot dip galvanized): production of spare parts, accessories, mechanical auxiliary industry. Manufacture of products from plastic
  • Purchase equipment, instruments, electrical systems, purchase agricultural machines, industrial equipment, agricultural, forestry and construction.
  • Construction works of civil engineering, industrial, transmission lines and substations up to 110kV. Investment project management, procurement consultancy …
  • Construction metal dealers, nonferrous metals (except gold, silver, jewelry).
  • Business real estate, land use rights of the owner or lessee.

Production of main products:

  • Fabrication of steel structures hot dip galvanized for the 35kV substation 500KV, steel beams from 15kV to 220kV lines like: Soap stations, cell sites, racks self-administered transformers, rack cutters , porcelain racks, shelving voltage transformers.
  • Fabrication hot-dip galvanized steel columns: Column telecommunication antennas, accessories, telecommunications, information columns, steel power poles …
  • Mechanical processing, erection of prefabricated houses.
  • Production of accessories for the grid for the electricity industry and the Postal Service as:
  • Accessories medium voltage lines, parts for insulation and insulation hanging stand.
  • Accessories for the ligament anchor: She goats, connectors, anchor company Mani, cable bibs,
  • Accessories for centrifugal concrete foundation pillars.
  • Accessory cable connection such as aluminum clamps, cable tightening screws. Clamp wire, wire support clamp, clamping hotline, lightning protection systems
  • Boulon fabrication of all kinds:
  • Boulon from M12 to M30 types cater to the industrial buildings.
  • Boulon nails from M16 to M80 types for columns and structural steel works steel serving lines and substations from 110KV to 500KV.

Hot dip galvanizing processing