According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the industrial production in 2013 with the recovery, especially in the processing industry and manufacturing.

The index of industrial production increased by 5.9%, higher than the growth rate of the same period in 2012

Fairly quick recovery
Growth of sectors, sectors with the highest growth sectors of water supply, management and wastewater treatment, solid waste, up 9.1%, followed by manufacturing and distribution of electricity, an increase of 8 , 5%, processing industry, manufacturing was third, up 7.4%.

Processing industry and manufacturing in terms of growth rate ranked third but much higher than the increase of 5.5% in 2012 and accounted for about 71% of the value added of the whole sector.

Some manufacturing industries increased in 2013 compared to 2012 include: textiles (yarn, garments except costumes), manufacture of electrical equipment and motor vehicles, increased by 20%; production of leather and related products, footwear, metal structures rise above 15% …

Full consumption index processing industry, manufacturing May 11, 2013 compared to the same period last year increased by 9.2%, higher than the increase of the previous year (same period in 2012 increased by 3.6% and 2011 increased 1.5%). The sector index rising consumption include: Manufacture of motor vehicles increased by 35.2%, manufacture of leather and related products increased by 29.5%, manufacture of electrical equipment increased by 19.4%, manufacturing plastic products increased by 16.6%, manufacture of fabricated metal products available (except machinery and equipment) increased by 13.9%; Beverage production rose 13.7%, textiles 12.8% increase … Some industries have low index increase or decrease consumption including paper production, manufacture of chemicals and chemical products, metal production type, production beds, cupboards, tables and chairs …

Product inventories have been positive changes. Inventory index in processing, manufacturing tends to decrease over the month, if from the time of inventory index rose 01/01/2013 21.5% over the same period, then to 1/12 / 2013 inventory index fell to 10.2%.

The sector index increased inventories lower than the general rate: Production and processing of foodstuffs increased by 8.8%, 6.3% textiles. Branches inventory index dropped are: Production of electronic components fell 52.6%, production decreased 45.7% woven fabrics, production of motor vehicles decreased by 37.8%, manufacture of beverages decreased by 21 , 9%, producing batteries and accumulators decreased 12.3%, production of non-metallic products decreased by 11.3%, production decreased by 1.4% outfits …

Developing lack of depth

In addition to these achievements, the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of industrial production also showed that industrial production value has been growing compared with 2012, but still not as high as in the target set. Mining sector growth rate decreased, and concentrate on those products as inputs of production, such as coal, crude oil, stone, sand, gravel, clay … This reflects the fact when the declining production, demand for raw materials, fuel reduction, thus producing decreased.

Investment activity in supporting industries have not developed, not attract the attention of enterprises in the country and abroad, leading to materials and parts and components for production in some areas still depend on imports makes the product cost of goods Vietnam less competitive with imported products of the same type.

Besides, industrial production has yet to overcome the situation developed in width, in the direction of machining and assembly; technologically advanced production is not significant; speed of technological innovation, equipment unsatisfactory development … Thus, the added value of the products has not improved much.

Focus on developing products with competitive advantages

The stage of completion of a number of investment projects has been slow production. Many businesses still do not have the strategic and business plans to produce long-term sustainability should be active before the fluctuations of the market, reducing the efficiency of the production process and business.

In the two years 2014 – 2015, Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to focus on solving difficulties and obstacles to promote production and business; strengthen the mobilization and effective use of capital investment and gradually regain the high growth momentum of the industry.

Besides the research building and additional adjustment mechanisms and policies suitable to the conditions of each region, market, development of industrial clusters and industrial zones in the direction of focus, linking to encourage economic sectors to invest to develop products with competitive advantages; support industrial development, industrial use is the product of input agriculture, forestry and fisheries. To promote the activity of applying advanced technology, modern production and business.

Strengthen supervision and inspection for key investment projects of the industry as the source and grid projects, oil and gas, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemicals and fertilizers, cement … to ensure the implementation schedule, to avoid causing loss, waste and affect the supply-demand balance in the market sources.

Focused review and adjust if necessary the development plan in order to exploit the potential and advantages to promote economic development, supports the implementation of investment projects were granted investment certificates; reviewing, processing and recovery of the investment project is not implemented or delayed.