Operational objectives:
All production and business operations of the Company to generate profits for owners, on the basis of compliance with the provisions of law, serve the community, the mission to contribute to the overall development Vietnam’s industrial base.
Strive to build a business to become one of the leading enterprises in the processing industry, mechanical engineering.
Maximize intellectual people, continuous improvement when doing the actual product, good application and development of advanced science and technology. The products, processes, technologies and management models, production and business to differ and than make up the brand of your business. The solution is made to be the most effective solution in the existing situation of the Company. “Thinking to break through to new products with high efficiency.”
Quality Policy:
Progress is the flow

Control is the sprouts

Quality is the reason for living

To implement the quality policy:

Strengthening and growing relationships with customers confidence to satisfy maximum requirements in terms of quality, technical and aesthetic.
Preserve and promote the “prestige all aspects” is the philosophy throughout all production and business activities.
Construction, operation and continual improvement of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.
Maintaining 5S & Kaizen activities to ensure a safe working environment, effective to increase income and profit sharing.
Regular training, raising awareness, professional qualifications of employees, build a professional collective, solidarity, responsibility, devoted to the comprehensive development of the company.
Enterprise development strategy:
Along with the integration in all fields of social life, after Vietnam became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the field of science and technology in general and in the field of mechanical engineering has more opportunities to develop stronger. Right from the start Corporation Hing was soon to predict that growth and development oriented.

To meet the increasing demand of our customers and towards international integration TIN HUNG CORP strategic guidelines set out the following development:

3.1 – Markets: Metal processing company is looking to play an ancillary but crucial role in the building of infrastructure, industrialization and modernization of the country. Fabrication and mechanical equipment business has been identified as the backbone of all other industries. Currently, Quang

Ngai, Quang Nam and neighboring provinces with many industrial parks flourished (Park Chu Lai sophisticated, …… Dung Quat Industrial Park) and there are many large hydro, small and focused. But qualified mechanic industry is weak in both technical and financial, to organize production methods. Thus the detailed structures, works great, the high technical here but manufactured afford to go buy from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, other provinces or overseas imports. Seeing this as a potential market, the company has invested production lines, training of human resources in order to meet the current needs of our customers and the future trend of the market in the long term will produce, export business ..

3.2 – Human resources: The company is focused on raising the level of human resources to meet the needs and anticipation of market trends. Currently, the company is just finishing production infrastructure, procurement of machinery, equipment and conducts manufacturing processed goods to customers, the number of a staff and other workers limit. However, driven from here to the end of the year will complete the team personnel have over 10 staff with university degrees, hundreds of middle-level cadres and skilled workers, has had the experience of work and associated company perennial bunch. Besides the key officials of the unit regularly attend training courses to improve the skills and adapt well to modern management. To meet the demanding needs of the market, our enterprise has always facilitated and encouraged all officials and employees cultivate learning professional knowledge, improve skills, as well as possible for all the items requested by customers.

3.3 – About device: the company is always one step ahead in the development of and investment in equipment such as welding lines Fastening Systems automated, CNC systems angle steel, plate and perforated, Pa steering system, cranes, crane beams 03-05-10 tons, lathes, cutting machines and punching machines, plasma arc cutting machine, DC welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine, Mig Welders kinds, plating factory zinc … etc., are already deploying our fully equipped.

In addition to some major machinery from Russia, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, we have successfully researched the fabrication of specialized equipment to meet a higher demand of customers.